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(Jackie’s) commitment to ensuring the customer is always happy with the end result is second to none – Garry Henshall, Garry Henshall & Associates

Most businesses want a professional web design service but we also have supported DIY (Do It Yourself) packages for those on a tight budget.

Get it done properly

Websites are complicated. When designing a website we’re weighing up many competing factors – like your branding, usability, mobile friendliness, speed, visual appeal, calls to action, persuasive copy and Google ranking. Every business is different. We’re learning about your business and products/services, figuring out what would work for you and how to uniquely represent your business so that it stands out.

For many clients, your website is the first contact. It represents you and your business.

Poor communication = poor website

A good website requires excellent communication between designer and client. We’re highly-skilled in web design but you’re the expert on your business. An effective website is a collaboration between client and designer.

If you value your business, make sure you can communicate well with your designer. They should ask lots of questions about your business and clients, and your website-related goals. If possible, meet your web designer face to face. Web builds run much more smoothly when you know each other.

Product Price Comment
Economy starter $599 Includes:

  • Mobile friendly website
  • 3-4 simple pages each containing up to 600 words of text and 2-3 images provided by you
  • Google map
  • Social media share buttons
  • Contact form
  • Clean, clear, attractive layout
  • Colours set to match existing logo and branding
  • Excellent service options
  • Content management system – you can edit your website yourself
  • One revision
Business starter $1599 Includes:

  • In-depth consultation to discuss your business goals for your website, and how your website fits into your business and marketing
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Best Google keywords analysis – one set of keywords
  • 5-6 pages.
  • News/blog page
  • Google map
  • Social media share buttons
  • Contact form
  • Clean, clear, attractive layout
  • Colours set to match existing logo and branding
  • Payment plan
  • Excellent service options
  • Content management system – so you can edit your website yourself
  • Five revisions, tweaking layout and content to suit your target market
Ecommerce $2999 Includes all the above, plus:

  • Shopping cart (Woocommerce) or event bookings or member site
  • Loading 5 products or events or courses
  • Home page image slider
  • Custom design
Integrated marketing pro $4999 Leaflets, business cards, Facebook page and advertising must work together to be effective. How will you lead people to your website, obtain a good search engine ranking or convince them to buy? This package includes:

  • The above ecommerce package, plus:
  • Search engine optimisation to help you display high on Google
  • Review of overall marketing strategy
  • Design of Facebook page to generate leads
  • Google Page to improve your display and ranking on Google
  • Home page sales copy – choosing words and images that sell

Note: prices may vary according to your exact requirements.

Do It Yourself Packages

Cost for standalone website: $279 website setup fee. Web hosting $29/month (paid annually). Domain names are $54.50/year, paid biennially.
Cost for managed WordPress website: $299 website setup fee. Web hosting $39/month (paid annually). Domain names are $54.50/year, paid biennially.

The DIY package is great for business start ups or those on a tight budget.

We create the site structure and you load the content, knowing that we’re here to support you at our hourly rate or on a service agreement, should you need it. This includes:

  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • Social media share buttons
  • Google Map
  • Contact Us form
  • Menu
  • Automated plugin and theme updates
  • The ability to manage your mailing list and newsletter on your website
  • The ability to schedule and publish posts once, feeding them automatically to Facebook and your newsletter. What a great timesaver!
  • Managing event bookings on your website

If you opt for a managed WordPress website rather than a standalone site, you also get:

  • Premium WordPress firewall (Wordfence)
  • Security monitoring

Payment plans

I know it’s tough fitting a major expense into your business budget, so I offer payment plans.

Phone me on 1300 WEBHIVE to work out an arrangement.

Standard rates

Below are my standard rates. I can travel to your business location in Canberra, Nowra or elsewhere in Australia. Travel fees may apply:

Item Price
Hourly rate $120
Hourly rate when paid in advance $99

Once you’re a client I also offer annual service agreements.


And you might need some extras, depending on your web design package:

Extras Price Comment
Photographer From $150 Depending on your location.
Search engine optimisation From $249 Your site may rank well on Google without any extra help. But if there’s stiff competition for your key words we may need to spend extra time on your site. Read more about search engine optimisation.
Social media integration Comes with your site but you might like us to set up your Facebook and Twitter pages or place a Facebook Feed on your site.
Annual costs Read about the ongoing cost of maintaining your website.

How much does a website cost?

Your website could cost anywhere from $279 to several thousand dollars.

Generally, a professional website starts at around $1,500 in country areas and $3-4,000 in the city. A shopping cart, member site or bookings add another $1500. But everybody’s requirements are unique.

I recommend you don’t use free websites or free hosting. They can cost you dearly in the long term.

I’m based in Dalmeny near Narooma, providing web design to local businesses in Canberra. I understand the challenges of running a small business here. You may run a small, home business that supplements your income, or employ many staff, so I offer payment plans and work to your budget and your requirements.

do-it-yourself site is the cheapest option. I set up your site structure and you add your content.

And you can always take out a service agreement or visit us for help.

There’s a lot to think about with a website, eg:

  • Branding
  • Writing content that really sells your business
  • Targeting your specific customers so that your site speaks to them
  • Keeping people on your site (some click away within seconds)
  • Creating a clear structure that’s easy to navigate
  • Convincing site visitors to buy or join your mailing list
  • Knowing what to do once people have joined your list!
  • Integrating Facebook and using it effectively to sell
  • Connecting Facebook, WordPress and your email list so you can publish to all three simultaneously – such a time saver!
  • Search engine optimisation (helping you appear high up on Google)
  • Website security
  • Load speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Keeping your website up-to-date
  • Setting up site stats and Google Maps
  • Or even knowing where to start

If you’re confident and clever (we’re sure you are!) and can tackle it on your own, subscribe to my blog for some free tips.

But if you’d like an experienced professional to smooth your path, consider one of the above packages and contact me.

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Graphic Design

If you don’t have a logo I recommend you engage a graphic designer.

Images are absorbed 60,000 times faster than text! Imagine the subtle messages conveyed by your business branding! If you want your clients to view your business as professional, reliable and knowledgeable, act like it – invest in visual design.

Your graphic designer can also help you with business cards and leaflets. Costs vary according to your brief, but a quote’s free. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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Photographs communicate a vast amount of information very quickly. Professional photographs show that you take your business seriously. Shadowy, grainy or poorly-framed photographs look homemade, and site visitors may think that your business is unprofessional.

Stock photos are a cost-effective way to give your site a professional finish, but you may need a local photographer for quality photos of your business or products. Most photographers charge travel and cover a particular area, so the price varies. Costs start at $150. Contact me to discuss your requirements and a quote.

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WordPress training – want to edit your website yourself?

Making changes to your web pages is easy. I can show you how!

I provide WordPress training to individuals and groups. Soon I’ll have online courses available too.

I don’t think you’ll need much help after your training. Once you have the basics, you’ll be able to add and edit photos and text, create pages and add widgets. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress. Wordpress is easy!

If you like, I can set up your site for you. And then you can have as much or as little help as you need. I know you’re busy. Buy an annual service agreement and I’ll update your website for you – or you may buy a service agreement just for ongoing support and peace of mind.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation helps your website rank well on search engines like Google. Some sites appear on the first page straightaway, but others may find that strong competition for their key words pushes them onto other pages. New research shows that your site needs to list in the first three search results to gain good traffic. This can take some work! We might need to:

  • Decide what key words customers will use.
  • Work out what key words to target for each page.
  • Insert the key words in page titles, headers, alt tags and first and last paragraphs.
  • Submit a sitemap to Google
  • Wait a few weeks, assess the results and decide whether to adjust our strategy.

It’s also important to:

  • Cultivate inbound links (there are lots of sites we can register your site with)
  • Put unique, relevant content on your pages
  • Update your website regularly

We can discuss your budget and work out a strategy to suit you.

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Social Media

Many businesses are turning to social media marketing, as Facebook usage increases amongst the over 35’s. But beware! It’s easy to spend hours posting on Facebook for no return.

We can discuss a Facebook routine that takes 10-15 minutes a day, to drive people back to your ‘Buy’ button and increase sales. And we can improve your results by:

  • Embedding text in your Facebook banner.
  • Promoting your website URL.
  • Creating a Facebook mailing list subscription app.
  • Putting your Facebook feed on your website.
  • Discussing the kind of posts that will work for you.
  • Linking Facebook to your site so that web posts are published in both places.
  • Creating Facebook ads, which allow you to target people of a particular age, gender, location and interests. If well done, these ads are very effective.

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Site Visits

I’d love to visit you but please be aware that I charge for travel south of Narooma and north of Bodalla. This is because travel costs me fuel, car maintenance and time. You’re very welcome to visit me in Dalmeny. A face to face meeting is invaluable for developing a good working relationship and helps me accurately communicate your business’s strengths on your site. After the first visit we can communicate by phone, email or Skype.

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