Item Price Comment
Domain names and management $54.50 usually paid biennially. Includes setup of nameservers and zone records and troubleshooting registrar issues (What’s a domain name?)
Domain setup $99.95 One-time fee for domain setup if your domain is managed by another registrar. This includes pointing your domain at your Webhive website and handling special domain configurations.
Domain delegation $39.95 Per year if you buy your domain elsewhere and point it to a website on Webhive. (Waived for service agreement holders.) We charge this fee because we spend a lot of time troubleshooting domains that are registered with other providers!
Email addresses Free With your domain name if you buy your domain name or domain delegation from us

Buy domain

You can buy, .com, .org, .au and domains via our shop. Please contact us for purchase of one of about 400 other domains.

What’s a domain name?

A domain name really is a name. Ours is

A domain name is like a big arrow pointing at your website. You can change a domain name to point to another site, or a subpage on a website.

So your domain name isn’t the site itself.

You can have several domain names. For example, I also have and But only your primary domain name will appear in the address bar of your browser.

When you have a domain name you can also get email addresses – for example info @

Why buy your domain through Webhive?

We recommend buying your domain through Webhive if your website is hosted with us because:

  • It’s easier for you if everything’s in one place.
  • It’s easier for us to troubleshoot problems if everything’s in one place. Your domain fee includes domain management and troubleshooting. If your domain is hosted elsewhere, then we charge our hourly rate to troubleshoot domain problems and that’s usually more expensive than the biennual domain fee.
  • When domains are hosted externally, we charge a domain delegation fee of $39.95/year for use of our name servers.

Read terms and conditions for domains.
Your rights and responsibilities with regards to domains.
Educational materials on domains.