Z WordPress Security Services FAQ

Do you secure other websites besides WordPress?


Do you secure WordPress multisites?

Yes, but not as part of our regular plans. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you secure managed WordPress hosted websites like WP Engine, wordpress.com?

No, we don’t have enough access to make this worthwhile.

My web designer won’t give me access to an admin account for my WordPress website. Can you still secure it?

No. We suggest you remind your web designer that you own the website!

What changes are covered by the monthly WordPress support plan?

Two small edits, layout changes and fixes. We follow a fair use policy. If you haven’t used your support plan for a couple of months, we’re quite happy to make more than two small changes or changes that are more complicated than we’d usually support.

The support plan doesn’t cover big changes like theme changes, shopping cart setup and complicated plugin setups.