Webhive is a professional web design and hosting provider in Canberra. Below are some of the websites we’ve created.

As consumers, we’re bombarded with advertising and emails. This presents a challenge for web designers. To cut through the noise we must convince readers that we have exactly what they’re looking for by identifying precisely who the customers are, the unspoken needs that motivate their purchasing decisions, and how to fulfil them. We have three seconds to captivate our audience before they click away. A clean design is essential, so that the most important information stands out.

Webhive can provide quality web design services for your business in Canberra or the NSW South Coast. We carefully select images, colours and text that speak to your target audience, and balance positions and sizes to funnel readers through the actions that we want them to take. Then we optimise for ease and navigation speed, because every extra click loses sales. Our aim is to give our customers what they truly need and to make it easy. Below are some sites we’ve created. (Note: all websites are owner-controlled, so the actual sites may not look exactly as they do in these images.)

Hafren Architecture

Herds for Hire

Webhive web design (Jackie Stallard) has offered a first class web hosting service for our small business on the south coast of NSW.

Any problems are quickly fixed, the designs are great and we particularly appreciate the friendly service Jackie provides.

Elisabeth Larsen
Herds for Hire