Why Choose Webhive?

As a business owner, you need a website that:

  • Fulfils your business goals
  • Gives you a return on your investment
  • Sits within your budget
  • Is mobile friendly
  • Is well-supported by a quick, efficient trouble-shooting team

Your Challenge

You may have found it difficult to identify a good website team. Too often, web companies hook you in with a great offer and then you discover hidden charges. Prices escalate and you find that you can’t move away because they’ve taken control of your domain name. …Or else you find someone skilled and trustworthy but they talk jibberish – at least that’s how it sounds to you! If that’s you, Webhive could be your solution.

If you need a website:

Webhive builds beautiful, clean websites in WordPress. Easy to use, they match your business branding so that you’re instantly recognisable on the web. A detailed consultation ensures that your website represents your business’s ethos, and that your main products and services are shown upfront. You have copyright and full control over your domain and website. If you want tweaks – no problem. Anything about your website can be changed to make it just how you like it.

If you want to know how to edit your website:

You have full editing access and we can train you how to use it.

If you’ve had difficulty communicating with web professionals, or getting a response:

We respond quickly, in plain English. The team is happy to explain anything that confuses you. Most support tickets are completely resolved within 24-48 hours.

If you’ve been hacked in the past:

Hackers can steal credit card details, publish spam ads or terrorist propaganda on your website, encrypt your website and demand a ransom, or use your website as a springboard for attacking other websites and computers. If you rely on your website for income, or your website is an important part of your reputation, then you can’t afford to take risks. Furthermore, fixing your website after it’s been hacked is much more time-consuming, nerve-wracking and expensive than protecting it in the first place.

We take security seriously. Very seriously. So we:

  • insulate each website from the others so that problems cannot spread (using Cloudlinux).
  • ‘harden’ your website, locking down permissions to make it more secure
  • protect you from denial of service attacks (using Cloudflare)
  • install a firewall on your website (Wordfence)
  • register an SSL certificate to give you the green padlock in your address bar. This encrypts your data so that no one can snoop as it travels through the web.
  • create user accounts for each editor so that changes can be tracked
  • enforce strong passwords, to make them harder to crack
  • periodically check the software (plugins) on your website to make sure that they aren’t a security risk.

If you’ve lost data:

If you have no backups, we can’t conjure your data out of thin air (sorry). However, we can set up automatic remote backups for you. So, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your hosting, the data can be recovered from elsewhere.

If your current hosting makes your website slow:

We use LiteSpeed Web Servers and several layers of caching to make your website load fast. That’s especially important for people browsing on their phones, and helps you get a good Google ranking.

If you’ve had problems maintaining your website in the past:

We set up automatic updates, so that security problems are fixed straightaway. And for major WordPress releases, we back up your website and then apply the update, usually within 24 hours. Again, this keeps you safe. We can also perform edits for you. Just shoot off an email and consider it done!

If your website doesn’t appear on Google:

We can help you improve your ranking.

If you want help with social media:

We can set up social media share buttons and Facebook feeds. Your website can even autopublish your blog to Facebook, Twitter and more.

If you’ve lost control of your domain name:

We can often recover it for you.

And as if all that weren’t enough – Bottom-line results – 15% guaranteed!

Your new site will not only look great, we bet your customers will love it. In fact, we are so confident they will, we’re willing to put money on it – and guarantee it by 15% of the project cost.

For more information, phone Webhive on 1300 932 448.