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While most WordPress Security Services rely almost entirely on WordPress Firewall and Security software, we’re hands-on and offer comprehensive services that include regularly checking logs and backups, setting file permissions, updating WordPress and periodically auditing plugins, themes and users, as well as the usual firewall and security software. Read on for details!

Jackie Stallard from Webhive has provided a brilliant and safe website service for many years for our business, we couldn’t be happier and we certainly recommend the Webhive team to anybody, its security and safety is 10/10.

Brett Kuhne, foodandevent.com.au.
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Feature Ultimate Security Plan WordPress Security Audit
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Service Scope Ongoing One-off
Security Audit Included . .
For major updates, back up WordPress and run the update . Within 48 hours
Block login from specific countries .
SSL Security Certificate (gives your website a green padlock) .
Free website transfer when you buy one of our Secure WordPress Hosting plans .
Real Time Defense Threat (firewall adjusts to current worldwide attacks) .
Check if website address is sending SPAM .
Check if website has SPAM ads .
Cell Phone Sign In .
Replace risky software .
Audit of Existing Passwords .
Comments Spam Filter .
Check backups regularly .
Annual plugin and theme audits (find risky software) .
Wordfence WordPress security plugin . Premium .
DDOS Protection . .
Check that WordPress usernames are unpredictable . .
Lock down WordPress files . .
Set up automatic updates of plugins, themes and minor WordPress versions . .
Firewall . .
Continuous Malware & Hack Scanning . .
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Pay in a single annual or one-off payment and save! [whmpress_currency show="Suffix" html_class="whmpress_currency"]$[whmpress_price id = "84" show_duration="no" billingcycle="monthly" suffix="No"]/upfront
and [whmpress_currency show="Suffix" html_class="whmpress_currency"]$[whmpress_price id = "82" show_duration="no" billingcycle="annually" suffix="No" ]/yr
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Important – Please Read Before You Buy!

Before you buy, please make sure that you understand the following:

  • Our security products are for independently-hosted WordPress websites. If your website is hosted by WP Engine, wordpress.com or on any other managed WordPress hosting, then security is mostly the responsibility of your host.
  • Webhive’s security plans and products are NOT for WordPress multisites, although we may be able to help you with a custom solution.
  • Our WordPress security services markedly reduce the risk of your website being hacked. Just as an experienced and determined thief can get past deadlocks, window bolts and security alarms, an experienced and determined hacker can gain access to any system. We massively narrow the odds of that happening.
  • Extra charges may apply when installing an SSL certificate on hosting that does not support Let’s Encrypt.
  • After purchasing WordPress security from us, you’ll receive an email asking you to enter your website’s login and file system access details into a secure online form. This form saves your details into our password manager. Passwords are stored encrypted and can only be viewed by authorised support team members. We can’t start work before you provide your login details, and plan payments start the moment you complete your purchase, so please don’t take too long! We’ll need the following:
    • Write access to your file system via ssh, sftp or Cpanel.
    • Admin access to your WordPress website. If you can’t see ‘Plugins’ on the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, you don’t have admin access. In that case, please make sure that you can obtain admin access from your web designer before buying our service.
  • Very old WordPress versions or custom-written plugins may make it difficult to update your website. If this is the case, we’ll let you know and work out what to do.
  • For Ultimate Security Plan holders the Cloudflare content delivery network takes over your domain record management. In some cases this may not be possible and we’ll suggest an alternative.
  • Once we’ve tightened the security on your website, we assume that the security setup remains in place. Please let us know if you make any changes that could affect your website security.
  • If we find a problem that isn’t covered by your plan, we’ll advise you on a course of action and costs.

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