WordPress Security Services

WordPress is secure as long as it’s well-maintained. Webhive uses a range of measures to protect your website.  backups, setting file permissions, updating WordPress and periodically auditing plugins, themes and users, as well as the usual firewall and security software. Read on for details!

Jackie Stallard from Webhive has provided a brilliant and safe website service for many years for our business, we couldn’t be happier and we certainly recommend the Webhive team to anybody, its security and safety is 10/10.

Brett Kuhne, foodandevent.com.au.
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WordPress permissions

We make sure that sensitive files and directories are secure.

SSL certificate

Gives your site a padlock in the address bar. Increases a reader’s trust in your website. Encrypts your data. Confirms your site’s identity.

WordPress updates

Out-of-date WordPress, plugins, and themes make a website vulnerable to hackers. Webhive ensures that your website software is updated.

Plugin and theme audits

Out-of-date, abandoned, or poorly-maintained plugins are a security risk. Webhive checks your plugins and themes to make sure that they have received recent updates.


Webhive stores secure backups in the cloud. This allows us to recover your website in case of a critical failure in your hosting.

WordPress firewall

Wordfence WordPress firewall.

Secure hosting

Secure hosting is the foundation of website security. Webhive uses quality, well-protected hosting.

Wordfence Premium

(WordPress Managed Hosting only)

Real Time Defense Threat

The Wordfence firewall adjusts to current worldwide attacks.

Two factor authentication

You may secure your website logins by sending a login code to an authentication app on your tablet or phone.

Country blocking

Webhive blocks countries that often originate hacking attacks.

Please Note

  • If your website is hosted by WP Engine, wordpress.com or on any other managed WordPress hosting, then security is the responsibility of your host.
  • Just as an experienced and determined thief can get past deadlocks, window bolts and alarms, an experienced and determined hacker can gain access to any system. However, none of the websites we manage have ever been hacked.
  • Once we’ve set up your website security, please let us know if you make any changes that could affect it.