Hourly rate for Web Design

Below are our hourly rates for website design and support. I can travel to your business in Canberra. Travel fees may apply. Existing clients can receive cheaper rates by purchasing a service agreement.

Please bear in mind that we are not fly-by-nights. Some designers charge a cheap up-front price, then disappear when there’s a problem, or charge you ten times as much for website edits as the original website. We run a professional business, built for longevity and client satisfaction. We invest in security and constant systems maintenance, and aim to provide you with top quality on-going support. In order to do that, we charge the professional rates required to provide this level of service in Australia.

If you need a website, we’ll look at costs and benefits, and work to your budget. Please phone us on 02 4017 0244 and we’ll quote the most affordable rate for your project.

Item Price
Hourly rate $99
Hourly rate when paid in advance $89
After hours rate $185