Service Agreements

Service agreements offer a set number of hours of service per year at discounted rates. They’re optional.

You can use your service agreement for technical help, general advice or website editing.

You may choose to edit your site yourself with the help of the WordPress documentation but if you’ve never used WordPress before I recommend you take out a service agreement for the first year. You can reduce or cancel it the following year.

Agreement Price Includes
Peace of mind $59 One hour/year. One hour is enough to resolve most issues. The Peace of Mind agreement allows you to relax in the knowledge that there’s someone there to help.
Help at hand $159 Two hours/year. Buy the Help at Hand agreement if you need occasional website editing and support.
Busy Bee $249 Three hours/year. The Busy Bee agreement is handy if you undertake spurts of activity on your website and need serious help editing or getting unstuck!
Monthly Check and Fix $699 ($58.25/month) We check the display of your home page, a standard page, contact form and Google map on a desktop screen and a mobile device once a month and fix small errors introduced by plugin or theme updates. We notify you of serious problems and discuss how to proceed.
Security and Updates Package $3999 ($333.25/month) For serious websites. We harden your WordPress installation, removing common weak points. We install specialist security software and apply updates as soon as they become available, to keep your website secure. We check security logs weekly and scan for problems.


Can I buy two service agreements?

No, you can only buy one service agreement per website per year. However, you may upgrade to a service agreement with more hours. For example, you can upgrade from a Peace of Mind agreement to a Help at Hand or Busy Bee agreement.

What happens when I’ve used up my service agreement?

Once you’ve used up your service agreement, hours are charged at Webhive’s hourly rate until your current service agreement expires and the new one starts.

Can I roll over my service agreement hours to the next year?

No. Service agreement hours are cheaper because not everyone uses them up. If we allowed you to roll them over, we’d have to charge more.

Can I buy a service agreement for a website that hasn’t been built yet?

No, the website must already exist.

For more information, read Service Agreement Terms and Conditions.