Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Websites

 Website size  Hosting fee  Comment
 150MB  $$189 /Year  More than enough for most websites
 500MB  $$199 /Year  If your website contains lots of photos, videos, audios or large documents
 What you get  Annual Value
WordPress updates applied daily to keep your website secure, fast, and up-to-date with new browser versions and new mobile devices. Read WPMUDev’s article on the importance of updates. $499. Bet you have better things to do than update WordPress every day!
Updates are essential to avoid spamming, rogue content, blacklisting and hijacking but sometimes an update breaks your website. We often fix these problems centrally. $550
Protection with premium security software, fending off several thousand login attacks a day $99
A specialist server support team in the background, keeping things running $1080
Weekly monitoring of logs and backups $1300
Security monitoring and manual blocking of attackers $1000
Total benefit to you $4528
NOTE: You might think we plucked these figures out of the air! But this is actually what it costs to provide you with secure hosting. We can keep the price much lower by sharing the load. For example, one security software license covers all our managed WordPress websites, and we can monitor one set of logs for all websites. With an independent WordPress website on web hosting, these services would be charged individually.

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Pros and Cons – Managed WordPress Websites vs Web Hosting

Managed WordPress Websites

Feature Pros Cons
Daily updates Daily plugin and theme updates help your website to remain secure, and to display well on new browsers and devices. Read WPMUDev’s article on the importance of updates. Updates occasionally affect layout or functionality. You may wish to check your website regularly or take out a service agreement and ask us to check for you.
Security Our specialist security software and monitoring fend off several thousand login attacks per day
 Uptime If the managed WordPress websites become unavailable, we notice quickly and fix them!
Functionality We’ve already installed the Wordpress plugins that we’ve found most useful. For example, contact forms, Paypal buttons, and search engine optimisation aids. We only install well-reviewed, well-supported plugins.  More plugins mean more complexity. Occasionally a plugin causes a problem and we need to remove it.
Portability  To switch hosting providers you’ll probably need 2-3 hours of technical support


Web Hosting

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Feature Pros Cons
Updates You control updates. You’re aware of all changes on your website. Updates aren’t applied unless you log in regularly to run them or create measures to make sure this happens. In the meantime, your website is vulnerable to known security problems and bugs that have since been fixed. If this concerns you, consider taking out a service agreement so that we can do this for you.
Security Your website may be vulnerable to login attacks. If you’re concerned, we can advise you on specialist security software.
Independence Your website is independent of all other websites. For complex websites, this is essential. We recommend that you use web hosting if you’re planning an online store, member site, forum or anything else with high traffic and complex elements.
Portability You can easily switch hosting providers, although you may still need an hour or so of technical help to do this.