Don’t spend money on your website without reading this!

Everyone knows a business has to have a website. Right? But here’s the truth…

Unless your website converts into sales, you’re wasting your money.

Imagine that your customers are following a golden thread that leads to your bank account. You know the exact route your customers will take because you carefully directed the thread along the quickest, easiest path to your cash register.

If you have not done this, your website is under-performing, or worse – you have donated your profit to your web developer.

Being a web developer myself, it may sound like I’m shooting myself in the foot – but I’m not interested in just taking your money. I truly want your website to be a success. I want it to work for you, to make your life easier and ideally, bring in money while you sleep. Then I will know that I have given you something of value. I want this so much for you that I will be publishing a free blog series called ‘The Golden Thread’. You can subscribe to my How to Create a Website blog:

Jackie Stallard


Jackie Stallard