How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress using Contact Form 7

  • Install and activate the Contact Form 7 and Really Simple Captcha plugins.
  • Mouse over Contact in the dashboard sidebar and click ‘Add New’
  • Click Add New again

  • Name the contact form ‘Contact <Site Name>’, eg ‘Contact Webhive’

  • Replace the Form with the following:

<p>Your Name (required)<br />

[text* your-name] </p>

<p>Your Email (required)<br />

[email* your-email] </p>

<p>Subject<br />

[text your-subject] </p>

<p>Your Message<br />

[textarea your-message] </p>

[captchac captcha-727]

<p>Please enter the above characters:<br />

[captchar captcha-727]</p>

<p>[submit “Send”]</p>

  • In the Mail tab, replace the To field with your email address

  • Replace the From field with:

[your-name] <[your-email]>

  • Click Save

  • Copy the contact form shortcode (eg [contact-form-7 id=”243″ title=”Contact Webhive”]

  • Go to the Contact page

  • Paste in the shortcode

  • Click save

  • Check the Contact page to make sure that the form displays correctly with a captcha image