How to save money on a web designer

Saving money with your web designer requires clear communication because:

  • Everybody’s taste is different.
  • Your designer cannot see into your head.

Collecting this information will save time by ensuring your web designer knows what you want:

  • Target markets (age, location, gender, profession, job status, interests etc)
  • Links to websites you like with a description of what you like about each and how that applies to your website.
  • Marketing materials you already have, eg logos, newsletters, letterheads. Your designer will need good quality digital images.
  • General font and colour preferences.
  • Style preferences, eg upbeat/professional/elegant/energetic/young/calm
  • Good quality photos that illustrate the message of your website.
  • Meet in person if you can.

Try and send all this information together, before you start work on your website. That way your web designer will have it all at hand and ready to go.

Thanks for reading!


Jackie Stallard