How to Log into WordPress site


To log into your WordPress website you need two things:

  • Username or email address
  • Web address (also known as a URL or domain)

It’s also useful to have your password.

If you don’t have the website address, or know the username or email address for your user account, please email your website admin. If you have a Webhive service agreement, you can contact us for help.

Web address

Your web address (URL or domain) will look like this:

If your website is on Webhive and you don’t know your website’s address see the list of Webhive websites.

Logging in

To log into your website, go to a browser and in the address bar, add ‘/login’ on the end of your website’s name, eg:

Suppose your website were You’d type this into the address bar:

This is what you should see (the address changes from ‘/login’ to ‘/wp-login.php’ when you press Enter):

The Crossing WordPress login screenEnter your username or email address and password and click ‘Log In’.

If you’ve forgotten your password click the ‘Lost your password?’ link.

Getting to the Dashboard

You can edit your website from the WordPress dashboard. If you see this, congratulations – you’re there!

The Crossing WordPress Dashboard 900w

You may see something like this, instead:

Webhive network profile with arrow

Webhive The Crossing logged in with arrows

If so, hover over ‘My Sites’ and select your website, or click your website’s name in the black admin bar at the top. Both are shown with red arrows.

Can’t Log Into WordPress?

If you can’t log into WordPress, clear your browser cache and try again. See How To Clear Your Browser Cache.