How do you clinch a sale?… The Golden Thread VI

How To Close a SaleWe’ve looked at how to find your customers and bring them to your door.

Now what does your customer need before making the decision to buy?

How to Convince Your Customer

Firstly, your customer needs to know that you provide what they’re looking for. This can help:

  • A well-designed website that communicates in a single glance what you do and displays a call to action.
  • Product information online or in a brochure or catalogue
  • Photos of your product from different angles
  • Product comparisons
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Stories about how other people have used the product or service and how they benefitted from it
  • A sales team that really knows the product

How to Increase Trust

Your customer needs a sense of security in their dealings with you. These increase trust:

  • Warranties
  • Money back guarantees
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • After-sales service
  • Displaying a physical address and landline phone number on your marketing

How to Break Down Price Barriers

Potential customers may say that the price is too high but in reality they’re more concerned about value. In fact, customers may choose a more expensive product because they believe it’s better. It helps to:

  • Tell customers how your products and services will solve their problems
  • Offer payment plans
  • Allow different payment methods – online, offline, credit card, cheque, cash etc
  • Provide more than one price level. You know the three popcorn carton sizes in the cinema? The medium size is really there to help you choose the biggest popcorn bucket!
  • Throw in free shipping. Customers love that!

Closing the Sale

For many people, closing the sale is the hardest part. Make sure you:

  • Use calls to action on your website, eg a Buy button or phone number
  • Explain in your marketing how and where to buy
  • Follow up potential customers who’ve contacted you with queries. They may have contacted you early in the buying process. Timing is everything! Keep following up until you get a sale or your prospect asks you not to contact them again.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale! If your customer is hesitating, ask why and then find a way to resolve their problem.

For example, let’s imagine that you’re an artist. A potential customer comes in and admires one of your paintings.

‘I really like this one,’ she says, ‘But I’m not sure that it’ll go with my décor.’

As a rule, artists find this offensive. But this customer has provided you with an opportunity. If you can resolve her problem, you’ll probably make the sale. You could respond with:

  • What colour’s your décor? Perhaps we can find you a painting to match!
  • Would you like to take it home and try it? I’m happy to take it back if it doesn’t work.
  • Tell me more about your décor – I bet I can paint you the perfect painting for your house!

Did this give you some ideas? Go to and tell me your favourite sales tactic!

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